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Applications for Fuel Tank Trailer

For organizations looking for onsite fueling support, Field Pup
is finding service and positive recognition at job sites, company
headquarters and disaster recovery scenes nationwide for both
private and government organizations.
Originally designed with the rigorous conditions of off-road
functionality in mind, the units are built using heavy-duty
axles and suspension for maximum durability, and are utilized
to handle diesel fuel and other fuel products meeting Class 3
combustible requirements.
To support intermittent road use between job locations, the
units are manufactured to meet or exceed DOT safety standards,
for lights, brakes, reflectors, safety equipment, heavy duty axles,
load capacity, decals, and signage. The baffled steel round tank is
manufactured to provide years of service, and includes 2" Fill Hole /
Pressure Vent (PV-2), inspection hole, and drain plug.