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Visit our home page and learn more about our fuel trailer solutions for agriculture and off road use.
Fuel Trailer Applications
Discover the many different ways our mobile diesel storage and fuel storage tank trailers can improve productivity and convenience at your location.
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Fuel Trailer Applications
Heavy duty fuel trailers and mobile diesel storage tank trailers ideal for off road and agricultural use. Mobile fuel storage tank solutions. National delivery and custom farm trailers available.
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Disaster Recovery Tool
Refueling units designed for disaster recovery and relief operations.
Diesel Fuel Storage Tank
Mobile diesel fuel storage tank solutions to improve refueling onsite and operational efficiency.
Field Pup Photo Gallery
Field Pup Photo Gallery featuring our latest fuel trailers, accessories, configurations, and tank sizes.
Photo Gallery - Fuel Transfer Tank
Heavy duty fuel transfer tank for mobile fuel transfer and refueling applications. Fuel transfer units available in 300, 500, 750, and 1000 gallon tank models.
Photo Gallery - Interchangeable Trailer Hitch
Field Pup fueling units utilize interchangeable hitches to maximize versatility and mobility on jobsite.
Photo Gallery - Custom Trailer
Manufacturer of custom trailer units, including onboard fuel tanks, generators, battery systems, recovery units, mobile repair stations, and more.
Photo Gallery - Portable Fuel Tank
Custom design and manufacturing of portable fuel tank solutions from Field Pup's Portable Fuel Tank division.
Photo Gallery - Split Tank Fuel Trailer
Custom fuel trailer manufacturer provides split fuel tank trailers for maximum refueling versatility onsite. Split fuel tank trailer shown includes dual 250 gallon compartments for both diesel fuel and unleaded gasoline.
Photo Gallery - 1000 Gallon Fuel Tank
Field Pup 1000 gallon fuel tank trailer, designed for onsite refueling applications.
Photo Gallery - Fuel Storage Tank
Fuel storage tank solutions and mobile refueling trailers from Field Pup.
Photo Gallery - Portable Gas Tank
Manufacturer of portable gas tank trailers and mobile refueling systems.
Photo Gallery - Mobile Gas Station
The mobile gas station refueling trailer from Field Pup provides flexible access to gas and diesel on job location.
Photo Gallery - Fuel Tanker
Fuel tanker solutions and mobile refueling trailers from Field Pup.
Photo Gallery - Diesel Fuel Tank
Diesel fuel tank trailers manufactured by Field Pup and provide maximum flexibility for onsite refueling.
Photo Gallery - 500 Gallon Fuel Tank Trailer
Field Pup manufactures fuel tank trailers available in 300 gallon, 500 gallon, 750 gallon, and 1000 gallon units.
Photo Gallery - Fuel Transfer Pump
Manufacturer of fuel transfer pump trailers for onsite refueling and fuel transfer mobility.
Photo Gallery - Auxiliary Fuel Tank
Field Pup is the manufacturer of high quality auxiliary fuel tank units and auxiliary fuel portable trailers.
Photo Gallery - Diesel Fuel Transfer Tank
High quality heavy-duty diesel fuel transfer tank units for mobile refueling operations.
Photo Gallery - Diesel Fuel Storage Tank Trailers
Manufacturer of heavy duty diesel fuel storage tanks mounted on high quality fuel trailers for maximum mobility and refueling versatility.
Photo Gallery - Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tank
Heavy duty Field Pup trailer provides auxiliary diesel fuel tank alternative. Available in 300, 500, 750, and 1000 gallon diesel and gasoline models.
Photo Gallery - Diesel Tank
Field Pup diesel tank and gasoline tank refueling trailers facilitate easier onsite refueling.
Photo Gallery - Truck Fuel Tank
Manufacturer of the Field Pup truck fuel tank, improving storage and fuel hauling capacity for maximum efficiency.
Photo Gallery - Custom Built Trailer
Field Pup manufacturers custom built trailer units, designed to meet practical refueling and recovery solutions for clients.
Photo Gallery - Tandem Axle Trailer
Field Pup fuel trailers include heavy duty tandem axle trailer use for maximum durability and trailer stability.
Photo Gallery - Fuel Meter
Field Pup fuel trailers feature high quality fuel meters, UL listed explosion proof fuel pumps, and UL listed hose and equipment.
Photo Gallery - Fuel Storage
Field Pup features high quality and heavy duty fuel storage trailers for maximum fuel portability and refueling efficiency.
Photo Gallery - Storage Trailer
Custom storage trailer from Field Pup includes mobile refueling, battery backup, storage units, and more.