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Quality Assurance

What We Always Do


  • Construct extra-strong suspensions to last for years to come.
  • Build the fenders ourselves at our facility. Without bending or cracking, they can hold the weight of at least two, adult males.
  • Bolt our tanks into a patent-pending, heavy, cross-member cradle for additional protection on all sides.
  • Mount steel-belt trailer tires on all of our fuel trailers.
  • Utilize fusible plugs and triple-venting systems for additional safety - inflow, outflow, and emergency-venting with roll-over.
  • Build our own vented, steel, battery boxes.
  • Extend the warranty period to our superior components, raw materials, and manufacturing practices.

Other Manufacturers Don't Use Superior Components


  • UL-142 tanks.
  • Shackle suspensions or torsion axles because they are not durable for the application and would not allow our trailers to be rated for off-road use.
  • Lightweight, inexpensive fenders like other manufacturers. 
  • Car tires.
  • Vented fill caps.